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Jastrebac is a wonderful mountain that will overshadow you with its beauty at any time of the year. It is the most forested mountain in Serbia. It is rich in beech and coniferous forests, and is known for its unique habitat of white birches.

It is located near Krusevac. It belongs to the Rhodope Mountains, is geologically rich in various rocks and minerals, built mostly of Paleozoic shales and igneous rocks. The mountain existed in the Tertiary and rose from the Tertiary sea as a large island. Its highest peaks, Velika Djulica (1491 m) and Pogled (1481 m), represent the natural border between Toplica and Pomoravlje.

On this tour we will go to the peaks of Sokolov kamen at 1025 m, then Bela stena at 1256 m. You will enjoy the rich forest, clean air, and unpolluted environment. 

DEPARTURE LOCATION Novi Sad, near Lokomotiva

Belgrade, parking lot in the municipality of Novi Beograd

DEPARTURE TIME 4.40 h (Novi Sad)

6.00 h (Beograd)

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation by minibus from Belgrade

Hiking tour at Jastrebac

NOT INCLUDED Lunch and other individual costs

Transportation from Novi Sad

Additional notes:

  • Equipment: Deep hiking boots with a vibram sole or deep sports shoes with stronger sole, backpack, layered wardrobe, warm for winter conditions (winter jacket, hat, leggings, gloves), we recommend trekking poles, bring enough water and some food (snacks, sandwiches, fruit).
  • Information about a hiking trail:
    • Length: 10 km
    • Total ascend/descend: around 650 m
    • Category: moderate
    • Duration: about 5 hours with breaks
  • For the realization of the tour, a minimum of 17 registered passengers is required.
  • In organized transportation, it is mandatory to wear protective masks.
  • Price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here. For those who do not have a membership card, price is 3100 dinars.
  • Transportation from Novi Sad: surcharge is 1000 dinars.
  • Own transportation: in case you come by your own transport, the price of the tour is 1300 dinars (with Explore Serbia membership cards) or 1900 dinars (for those who do not have a membership card).
  • In case of insufficient number of registered passengers or unfavorable weather conditions, the deadline for notification of postponement or cancellation of the tour is 2 days before departure.

Jastrebac Mountain

The Jastrebac massif itself consists of Veliki and Mali Jastrebac, separated from Kopaonik by the Jankov gorge. On the eastern side of the massif is Mali Jastrebac, separated from Veliki by the Grebac pass, with the highest peak Kupinjak (946 m). The ridge is 42 km long and wide slopes separate from it, and the most outstanding to the north are the peaks Zmajevac and Bela Stena. The Grebac pass leads the Prokuplje-Kruševac road (via Ribarska Banja).

The origin of the name of the mountain Jastrebac goes back to the hawk when the legend says that it built a nest on the mountain top. He carried twigs in his beak from which beech, birch, and conifer seeds fell out. Over time, tall "hawk" trees grew in those mountainous places.

The mountain is rich in watercourses, springs, and streams. The river flows belong to the catchments of South Morava, Toplica, and Rasina. River crabs and free trout can be found in rivers and streams, which is a sign of extremely clean water. For those who love natural food, Jastrebac is rich in many wild edible plants: wild garlic, nettle, dandelion, wild strawberries, apples and pears, various types of edible mushrooms, so it is a real paradise for mushroom growers and collectors of medicinal plants.

In Jastrebac is located Jastrebac Lake Resort that has accommodation facilities in two buildings. The adventure park fits perfectly into the ambience. It consists of four units: Children's Adventure Park, a zip line across the lake, a rock for training climbers, as well as large adventure trails on two levels, demanding and for passionate "adventurers". Thanks to the extraordinary climatic conditions, the diversity of flora and fauna, it provides exceptional opportunities for rest and hiking.

The organizer of the Jastrebac hiking tour is the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. With this program is valid Rulebook on conducting tours by Explore Balkans doo. According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, protection is not provided for one-day tours in terms of travel guarantees.

Belgrade - Jastrebac

  • Departure from Novi Sad from Lokomotiva at 4.40 am.
  • Departure from Belgrade at 6 AM from the parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
  • Travel by highway through Kruševac, arrival at Jastrebac around 9.00 am.
  • Short preparation for the hiking tour.

Mountaineering tour at Jastrebac

  • Start of hiking tour.
  • We start on the hiking trail from the mountain lodge and go to the top of Sokolov Kamen at 1025 m, then Bela Stena at 1256 m. You will enjoy the rich forest, clean air, and unpolluted environment. At the very top, there are beautiful views of the surrounding valleys and mountains.
  • Information about a hiking trail: length 10 km, hiking time about 5 hours with breaks, with about 650 m total ascent.
  • After the tour, on the way back, it is possible to stop for dinner at one of the nearby restaurants.
  • Return to Belgrade in evening hours.
Jastrebac Sokolov kamen
Jastrebac hiking
Jastrebac hiking
Jastrebac planinarenje vrh Sokolov kamen
Jastrebac planinarenje Sokolov kamen
Jastrebac planinarenje vrh Bela stena
Jastrebac hiking
Jastrebac hiking
šume na Jastrepcu
Jastrebac hiking
Jastrebac hiking
Jastrebac planinarenje Bela stena