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Kako izbeći sportske povrede tokom hikinga – top 3 saveta Ljubitelji avanture i rekreacije već sa prvim zracima sunca i nagoveštajima lepog vremena odlaze na svoje omiljene fizičke aktivnosti u prirodi. U našoj zemlji postoji veliki broj mogućnosti za upražnjavanjem različitih aktivnosti na otvorenom, a mnogima je jedna od omiljenih hiking ili pešačenje. Iako se

Magnificent Djerdap gorge, better known as the Iron Gates is the longest and the deepest hill in Europe The Danube in the Celtic language means river or water. It is not known when the first wave of the Panonian Sea began to deepen the massifs between the Balkans and the Carpathians, opening the Iron Gates

Team building activities for employees improve the atmosphere among colleagues and strengthen the team spirit. The fun activities you participate in allow you to see your peers in another light. Through a series of planned team events that are fun and motivational, teams build communication skills, planning, troubleshooting and conflict. What kind of team bindings are best for employees? The most successful, unforgettable, team-building events

Western Serbia consists of idyllic tourist sites, mountains and rural areas where tradition and heritage are very important. The central identity of the region is: Discovering life in tradition and nature. The whole area is perfect for nature lovers where it is possible to do a lot of different activities. In the region of Western Serbia

On the geographical map of the world, there are landscapes of so unreal beauty as if they were created by artists, the landscapes 'painted' by a soul. Luxurious castles, mysterious gardens, old windmills in the middle of grain fields, wide rivers that flow 'arm in arm' through fertile Pannonia plain, a sweep squeaking in

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