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Exciting bike ride in Eastern Serbia, by the Danube, on the edge of Djerdap National park!

Located in Braničevo District in Eastern Serbia, some 140 km from Belgrade, Golubac marks the entrance to the Djerdap National Park and guards the Iron Gates of the Danube river. The name itself means a “Dove City” and its exact beginnings are unknown, although there is evidence originating from the Roman and Byzantine periods. It changed many rulers over the centuries (Serbians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Ottomans…), and is known as a place where famous Polish knight and nobleman Zawisza Czarny died in a battle against the Ottomans in 1428.

Our tour will start outside of the city of Golubac, riding on a bike track right next to the Danube, through the city and straight to the Golubac Fortress. After sightseeing tour at the fortress, we would be hiking (or biking depending on preference) to a nearby hill, which holds an abandoned quarry and offers a perfect sighting to the Golubac Fortress and the Danube river. From there we would continue cycling to the monastery Tumane from XIV century. Legend says Serbian hero Miloš Obilić built the monastery on the grounds where he mistakenly shot a monk during hunting. Monastery and nearby Saint Zuma chapel are placed in a serene nature environment which you’ll very much enjoy on the bike.

After these visits and before making it to our car we’ll have lunch (included in the price) at a restaurant nearby, so make sure to try out our local specialties! The whole tour is around 40 km, with some uphill and full of beautiful nature!

DEPARTURE LOCATION Our guides will pick you up, take you to the start point on the destination, and return you after biking tour
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transport to the destination and back from the desired address

High-quality mountain bike, helmet and backpack, as well as other accessories

Experienced bicycle guides

An infinite supply of water, energy drinks, peanuts, granola bars

Entrance ticket for Golubac fortress

Lunch at a local restaurant

NOT INCLUDED Personal insurance

Other individual costs

Additional notes: 

  • The tour is being organized for a minimum of 2 passengers

The following information is required when booking:

  • Pick-up address
  • Height information in order to select a suitable bike size
  • Information on diet regime – allergies to certain foods, diet (vegan, vegetarian or other)
  • Information on physical fitness and experience in cycling – a beginner, a medium-level, professional

Beograd - Usije

  • Departure from Belgrade from an agreed address at 8 AM
  • Ride/transport to the village of Usije, from where the cycling tour begins

Biciklistička tura do Golubačkog grada

  • Cycling along the Danube towards the town of Golubac.
  • Continue driving towards Golubac town/fortress. First break. Sightseeing of the fortress.
  • Hiking/biking to the nearby old quarry. Second break.
  • We continue by bike to the monastery of Tumane and the chapel of St. Zuma. Third break.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Drive back to the village of Usije via Golubac.

Info about biking trail:

Total length of the cycling route: 45km

Total duration of cycling: 4-5 hours with breaks

Lunch Duration:: approx. 1h

Minimum: 2 people


Return to Belgrade

  • Golubac fortress – changed many rulers over the centuries and is known as a place of the famous battle against the Ottomans in 1428.
  • Old quarry – abandoned old quarry on a nearby hill offers a perfect view of the Danube and Golubac Fortress
  • Tumane Monastery – legend says that Serbian hero Miloš Obilić built this monastery where he mistakenly shot a monk during hunting.
  • Chapel St. Zuma – hidden in the untouched nature, deep inside the forest,carved in a rock, believed to have miraculous powers
Golubački grad biciklizam Djerdap cycling
Golubac fortress cycling tour
Golubac fortress cycling tour
Golubac fortress cycling tour