9,600 RSD
Price of the tour
all year
1 day

Paragliding on Rajac can be a beautiful experience for you or an ideal gift for your loved ones. This mountain has ideal air currents for paragliding. The most common are westerly and northwesterly winds, but the strongest are the southern winds that descend through the mountain slopes.

The area from where the flight starts is arranged and equipped. The airfield is grassy and with a small slope, which is suitable for beginners. The start is at 850m above sea level, and the landing at 600m.

Experience a paragliding tandem flight on Rajac and enjoy the breathtaking view.


START In agreement with the instructor
CLOTHES Comfortable sports clothes, sports shoes
Necessary equipment

Tandem flight with the instructor

GoPro shot

Additional notes:

  • The height and length of the flight depend on weather conditions, the duration is usually 20 minutes, which is more than enough for this experience.
  • The date is chosen by you, but the appropriate meteorological conditions are the main precondition the flight performing.
  • In addition to Rajac, the following flight locations are on offer: Zlatibor, Vrsac Hill, Titel Hill, and Gucevo.
  • Equipment for paragliding tandem flight: train sports and layered (pants, long sleeves, thin jacket or windbreaker), sneakers.
  • If you want to find out more about paragliding, read our article – Paragliding – the man's long-awaited desire to fly.
The organizer of the tour is the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. With this program is valid Rulebook on conducting tours by Explore Balkans doo.
According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, protection is not provided for one-day tours in terms of travel guarantees.

Arrival to Rajac

  • Meeting with an instructor by appointment
  • Departure to the place of takeoff

Preparing for the flight

  • Getting acquainted with equipment in front of the flight with basic information
  • A tandem flight of about 20 minutes

End of the tour

  • Impressions and photos.
Paragliding on Rajac
Paragliding on Rajac
Rajac Suvobor
Paragliding on Rajac
Rajac hiking-private tour
paraglajding tandem let na Rajcu
Rajac planinarenje izlet
Paraglajding Rajac
Rajac hiking