Paragliding - the long-awaited man's wish for flying
paraglajding tandem let Vršac, poklon let

Paragliding offers the possibility of great adventures, challenges and glimpses of the beauty of the area above which it is flying. It does not require too much financial resources and time.

Paragliding is one of the youngest aerial sports and is intensively developing.

Like other adventurous activities it involves risk. The most important preconditions for learning safe flight are: personal attitude, competent training and safe equipment.

Training is carried out gradually and from lower altitudes.

What is a paraglider?

Paraglider is a craft that uses wind and thermal forces to stay in the air and to go as far as possible. 

The paraglider is a ram-air parachute-winged air, with which it rolls with a run-off and slips to the feet.

Paragliding equipment consists of:

  • wing
  • system of connections
  • reserve parachute
  • protective equipment
  • liaison and navigation equipment

Parts of the paraglider are:

  1. dome (wing or glider, in jargon "cloth")
  2. gurney (on which the pilot hangs and which are connected to the wings by the wings)
  3. connection system (with which the pilot catches the gurney)

The necessary equipment is easily packed in one bag of about 15 kg of weight.

Where to go to paragliding in Serbia?

Arrivals in our country are: Vršački breg, Titelski breg, Rajac, Stolovi, Sićevo, Kopaonik, Suva Planina, Golija, Gučevo, Novi Sad, Subotica, Zlatibor.

Paragliding at the Vršac Hillock is one of the best places for paragliding in Serbia due to ideal meteorological conditions.

During the summer, we recommend you try paragliding on Zlatibor. The flight is performed from the Čigota peak at 1422 m, where you will enjoy the views of the green pastures and forests of Zlatibor.

Book a paragliding tandem flight on Zlatibor

There are paragliding clubs that organize and train interested parties.

Paragliding sites in Montenegro are also among the countries in the region: Žabljak on Durmitor, Berane, Budva and Herceg Novi.

The safest way to experience the first flight with a paraglider is a tandem flight with an instructor

Tandem paragliders have the ability to carry two people (you and instructors). No previous experience, knowledge or special physical training is required for a tandem flight. Instructions and information are very simple and you get them from an experienced paraglider pilot before the tandem of the flight. The flight usually lasts 15-20 minutes which is more than enough for this kind of experience.

How to dress for paragliding?

Clothes are best dressed sporty and stratified. You can put on a sweatshirt or trousers in which you feel comfortable, a sweatshirt and shoes sports shoes.

If you decide to go to paragliding, you will have an incredible experience that will be immortalized with images and photos from the GoPro camera.

What is the basic professional paragliding training?

The height and length of the flight depend on weather conditions, but it is possible to stay in the air for several hours, climb several thousand meters in height and fly several hundred kilometers (the world record is about 400 km).

When the conditions are optimal, it is possible to fly from the hill, several tens of meters in height, and eventually reach a height of over 3000 m.

In practice it is possible to run the first altitudes of several hundred meters even during the first day of training, but more gradual training is preferable. In addition to practical work, training also includes a theoretical part. Learning aerodynamics and aeronautical metrology is an integral part of the training that takes place alongside the practice. The first part of the basic course involves: acquainting with equipment, mastering the technique of controlling the paraglider domes on the ground, then following the first flight in peaceful meteorological conditions.

In addition to paragliding, a new activity organized in Belgrade is a paratrike flight

What is a paratrike or paramotor?

Paratrike is an aircraft that consists of a tricycle with an engine and a paraglider. It will take off from a flat surface, an airport, or any meadow.

Everyone can fly with a paratrike regardless of physical abilities. The possibility of taking off and landing on small areas, slow and low flying allows you to fly in the most beautiful locations.

A flight on a paratrike will allow you to experience Belgrade from a completely different perspective where you will enjoy views of its rivers and panorama.

Flying is only impossible in conditions of strong wind, rain or fog. The basic flight lasts about 20 minutes, but at the request of the passenger, the flight can take longer. Previous experience is not necessary. Anyone can fly with a paratrike, regardless of physical capabilities. It is not necessary to run to take off.

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