How did rafting become the leading recreational pastime?
Rafting Lim

Rafting is a very popular recreational activity worldwide. Rubber boats are used especially for wild waters with a capacity of 6-12 people.

The term is in English whitewater rafting (whitewater - white water) and refers to the bubbling of water and foam that is created during the rapid movement of water that hits the walls and other obstacles.

Rafting Ibrom, rafting kao rekreativna aktivnost
Rafting as a recreational activity, river Ibar

Rafting in the world and in Serbia

Rafting appeared in the USA at the end of the 19th century, more precisely in 1869, when a researcher John Wesley Powell, geologist and ethnologist, had an expedition on a wooden raft through the Great Canyon, while the first commercial rafting tours and rafting as a recreational activity appeared in the 1950s. In the US, an estimated 3 million rafters participate annually on more than 200 rivers.

As a sport, rafting involves competing teams in professional competition boats with 4 to 6 members, and competes in 3 disciplines: slalom, sprint and downhill. He is practicing on 3rd class rivers (according to international classification).

In Serbia, rafting is also developing as a sport and as a form of recreation. There are fewer than 10 registered clubs, and the first professional league was held in 2007 on Lim.

Is there a difference between rafting and rafting? Where to go for rafting in Serbia?

Rafting and rafting are the same activities, but in communication, rafting as a term is used if the river has more rapids and beech.

When rafting is used, it is usually a slower word, with fewer rungs. It is not necessary then to complete the equipment used for faster rivers. On rafting you can go to Tara, Lim, Upper Ibar River, and to rafting on Drina, Nisava, lower Ibar River.

When and where to go for rafting if you want more excitement?

The best spring months are May and June because the water level of the river is higher. Next to rafting on the Tara River in Montenegro and Bosnia, in Serbia rafting on the river Lim i Upper Iber River, give real excitement in the spring months.

When are you going to rafting if you go for the first time and would you like to try a milder variant?

Best to go in the summer months, in July and August. Then the rivers have a lower water level, it is warmer, you will be able to swim and enjoy nature more.

If you want massive fun on rivers, we recommend you to take part in tourist-recreational rafting events. In recent years, they have become more and more popular, in particular Drina regatta in Bajina Bašta which is held at the last weekend in July.

There are also: Regatta on Lim, which is held in June, then Happy Relax on Ibar, which is the last weekend of June or the first weekend of July and the Rzavu regatta, which is usually in April.

rafting kao rekreativna aktivnost Drinska regata      Regatta on Drina River

What are your duties when rafting?

Each raft or raft is actively involved in rafting and gets neoprene suit, boots, helmet, protective vest and paddle. Neoprene (diving suit) has multiple effects: it keeps in case of dropping from the boat, from cold water, and from possible impacts on the wall, because it absorbs them. Risk on wild water is a constant companion, regardless of the fact that today's rafters are equipped with high quality equipment. Clothing used on rafting must be comfortable, flexible and sufficiently heat insulated to protect against hypothermia. The speeds that once had to be circumvented today are without major problems in modern vessels adapted for this type. Before the start skipper ie rafting instructor maintains a short rafting course, whose instructions all follow during downhill.

If you want to find out more practical advice on rafting, you can find the answers in the section Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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What is blackwater rafting or cave tubing?

There is also a term and activity in the world blackwater rafting, a form of extreme sport that involves sailing underground waters and through small waterfalls connecting the cave canals. The term is also used cave tubing. Many consider it more appropriate for this sport, because the water is not black and there are no noises like rafting on rivers. Participants wear waterproof clothing and usually lamps on the helmets for lighting, rubber keeps them on the water, and are often interconnected to avoid being pulled out. Depending on the cave, the trip can be a quiet or real adventure, and some may also mean climbing on the rocks. This recreational activity appeared in New Zealand in the late 1980s, in an area that is famous for its natural beauty and long caves, it means good physical fitness and fitness, and tourism companies offer different programs when it comes to weight levels for ordinary travelers or true enthusiasts .

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