2 days

The three-sided pyramid, almost the right shape, makes the Rtanj mountain unique. We take you to the night hiking tour where we will wait for the sunrise on this mystical mountain. From the top there is a phenomenal view of the surrounding mountains.

After descending, we will go for relaxation and visiting the source of the river Grza.

DEPARTURE LOCATION The parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
DEPARTURE TIME 21.30 h Belgrade
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation from Belgrade

Mountaineering tour at Rtanj

Sightseeing of source of the Grza river

Tour coordinator

Accident insurance


Additional notes:

  • Equipment: For a night ascend on Rtanj are necessary hiking boots, layered clothes (on top it can be quite cold, the recommendation to bring a wind-stopper jacket, gloves, cap), forehead lamp, spare clothes, take enough water and food (snacks, sandwiches, fruits), sun protection (UV cream, sunglasses, hat...). We recommend hiking poles.
  • Physical requirements: a solid physical readiness is needed for hiking tour at Rtanj This hiking tour is not recommended for people with poor physical condition and / or health problems; A guide reserves the right not to take people with inadequate equipment on the tour.
  • Information about a hiking trail:
    • Length: 14.5 km
    • Total ascend/descend: 970 m
    • Category: moderate
    • Ascend duration: from 5h-6h with breaks and waiting for sunrise; Descend duration:  from 3h-4h with breaks
  • The tour is organized for at least 25 registered passengers.
  • Price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here. For those who do not have a membership card, the price is 4600 dinars.
  • Own transportation: in case you come by your own transport, the price of the tour is 2500 dinars (with Explore Serbia membership cards) or 3500 dinars (for those who do not have a membership card).
  • In case of insufficient number of registered passengers or unfavorable weather conditions, the deadline for notification of postponement or cancellation of the tour is 2 days before departure.
  • Accident insurance: persons between the ages of 14 and 75 are insured. When registering, and no later than 2 days before the tour, you need to send us your first and last name and your personal number.
The organizer of the tour is the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. With this program is valid Rulebook on conducting tours by Explore Balkans doo. According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, protection is not provided for one-day tours in terms of travel guarantees.

Day one: Novi Sad – Belgrade – Rtanj

  • Departure from the parking lot at the municipality of New Belgrade at 9.30 pM
  • Arrival around 23.30h to Rtanj Mountain
  • Short refreshment, preparation for a night climb

Day two: Night ascend at Rtanj Mountain - Source of the Grza river

  • Departure to climb on the south side of the mountain. The trail to the top climbs in about 4h. The length is 14 km with approximately 950 m of total ascend.
  • Enjoying the amazing sunrise at the peak Šiljak at 1565 m
  • After enjoying the sunrise, descending to the foot of the mountain (about 3.5 hours).
  • A short rest and going to breakfast, then to the source of Grza river. Break for sightseeing and relaxation.
  • After visiting the source of Grza river, we leave for Belgrade, where we arrive in the afternoon, around 4 p.m.


The three-sided pyramid, almost the right shape of its highest peak Siljak, makes the Rtanj mountain unique. Siljak is high 1565 m.

The meaning of the name of the mountain itself, which is believed to have originated from the old civilization of Artania, which inhabited the area of Rtanj, instilled in the people the belief that Rtanj is a healing mountain. The special healing powers of Rtanj herbs help to heal wounds and cuts faster and to recover vital energy. The most famous of them is Rtanj tea (Satureja montana). The symbol of the mountain is also an endemic species, Rtanj mint, which grows only there.

At the foot of Rtanj is a park-forest, unique in Europe, with about 150 species of trees and shrubs. Mixed forests of fir and beech are predominant in Rtanj, and their particularly interesting inhabitants are large blue butterflies, short-legged lizards, fairy cavalry, and many species of birds. In the pastures and meadows, there is often hawthorn bush, wild rose, steppe almond... There is a growing number of mountaineers who see it as a real challenge regardless of the time of year or the weather.

Amazing stories circulate about Rtanj, the mountain of salvation, the mountain of aliens, the generator of energy, a place visited by strange beings.

In 2012, when it was announced that there would be an apocalypse and the end of the world, Rtanj became known beyond the borders of Serbia. A number of foreign media then reported that Mount Rtanj would be one of the few in the world to be bypassed by the apocalypse. In December 2012, a large number of foreign nationals sought rescue from the apocalypse in the village of Rtanj and the surrounding villages. The apocalypse was still absent that year, but Rtanj became known worldwide as the mystical "Serbian pyramid".

Previously, Rtanj was visited mainly by mountaineers, herb collectors and hunting enthusiasts. After 2012, Rtanj becomes interesting to a much wider guest structure. It is frequented by holiday lovers of domestic crafts, even those who believe in conspiracy theories and expect to see aliens and flying saucers on Rtanj.

At the "Vrelo" energy site, which is believed to have the beneficial effects of natural magnesium, increasing number of tourists coming to relax and "recharge" the body. In addition to many beliefs in the mystical powers of Rtanj, science acknowledges that there is an anomaly of the geomagnetic field on Rtanj that cannot be explained.


A spa town on the banks of the Moravce River between the Ozren and Rtanj mountains. Due to its thermal mineral springs and favorable climate, it is one of the most visited spas. The spa was used in ancient times, in the Middle Ages and during the Turks.

Sokograd – The fort is located 2 km from the center of the spa, situated on a high cliff. It is believed to have been built during the reign of the Roman emperor Justinian in the period between the I and the 6th century and served as a defense against Avars and the Slavs. The name of Sokograd comes from the old ones "falconers", which are mentioned in medieval sources and which have been given instead of other duties "falconers" (trained falcons) both during the medieval state and under Turkish rule.

The Moravica River is 60.4 kilometres long and is a right tributary of the southern Morava. The source of the river lies beneath Mount Virgo, spills the stream and originates from a multitude of deep springs. At the very source there is extremely clean water, that is used for drinking.

Rtanj night ascend
Rtanj hiking
Rtanj planina
Rtanj planinarenje
Rtanj planinarenje
Rtanj planinarenje
Rtanj planinarenje
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Rtanj night ascend
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Rtanj hiking
Rtanj night ascend
Rtanj night ascend
Rtanj night ascend
Rtanj hiking
Rtanj night ascend
Rtanj biljni svet
Rtanj izlazak sunca
Rtanj night ascend
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Rtanj night ascend
Rtanj night ascend
Rtanj night ascend