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Boracki krs

Boracki krs has been declared a nature monument. This rare form of relief is part of an extinct volcano of 20 million years old. Hiking tour to the top, which is at 515 m and offers fantastic views of Sumadija, Gruzansko Lake and the village of Borac. Easy hiking trail for all ages, and on the ridge there is a trail for the braver ones.

DEPARTURE LOCATION Belgrade, parking lot in the municipality of Novi Beograd
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation by minibus from Belgrade

Sightseeing to the itinerary

Hiking tour at Boracki krs

NOT INCLUDED Ulaznica za kompleks na Oplencu (500 dinara) – fakultativni obilazak

Lunch and other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Description of hiking trail: the trail is easy, for all ages, about 4 km long, about 300 m uphill. At the very top, one group of the most adventurous can walk the path that leads part of the ridge over the rocks.
  • For the realization of the tour, it is necessary to have a minimum of 17 entries
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Belgrade - Oplenac

  • Departure from Belgrade at 8 AM from the parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
  • Arrival in Topola and sightseeing of Oplenac (optional)
  • Sightseeing of the royal complex of King Peter I Karadjordjevic in Oplenac (St. George's Church - Karadjordjevic Family Mausoleum, Gallery in King Peter's House, Vineyard House) with a local guide, lasting around 1h.
  • Those who do not want to visit Oplenac can spend their time in the center of Topola

Boracki krs hiking

  • ride around 1 hour. Arrival to Borac village and a short visit the Church of St. Archangel Gabriel from the fourteenth century.
  • Start of hiking tour to top of Boracki ks at 515 m. The trail is not demanding, it is about 4 km long, about 300 m of ascend and everyone can cross it.
  • At the top we will take a break, which offers a phenomenal view of Gruza Lake and Sumadija.
  • Only the bravest at the top embark on a path that leads to one part of the ridge, which involves climbing the rocks. The trail is short but attractive.
  • Descent to the foothills of Boracki krs.

Ručak u seoskom domaćinstvu/restoranu

  • Nakon pešačenja, na putu nazad ka Topoli, odlazak u obližje seosko domaćinstvo ili restoran na kasni ručak
  • Return to Belgrade in evening hours.

Boracki krs

The nature monument "Boracki krs" encompasses part of the Rudnik-Kotlenica area and is located in southwestern Sumadia between Rudnik, Kotlenic and Gledic mountains, on the territory of the municipality of Knic. It is a rare form of relief - an elevation that is part of an extinct volcano of about 20 million years old. It is made of rocks of great strength and stability. Its highest peak is located at 515 m. It was declared a natural monument by a decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in 2019.

Boracki krs together with the Gruza Lake, forms the national IBA (Important Bird Area). There are 79 bird species recorded in Krš itself, representing 22% of the total bird diversity in Serbia. First of all, birds of prey and singer birds stand out. Some of the most important species are: the oyster predator, the mousetrap, the nocturnal predator of the bush, the owl and the songbirds - the woodpecker, the black-throated stork, the water-fowl, the black reaper, the gray reaper, the rumpus, the woodpecker.

During the Middle Ages, Borac Krs was an important fortification and on it there was the city of Borac, strategically placed in the best place in this part of Sumadija, from whose towers the entire valley of Gruza was visible. Today, the remains of the former fortification are located in Krš, which together with the Church of Sv. Archangel Gabriel and the old cemetery, located at the foot, represent the architectural - petrologist objects of Serbia 's because they are built of stone from Borac Karst.

Church of the Holy Archangels in Borac, together with The Medieval Town of Borac and The Old Cemetery represents an immovable cultural property as a cultural monument of great importance. It was erected in 1359 during the famous Nemanjic dynasty.

Numerous legends and folk tales are tied to her past. According to one legend, Prince Lazar and Princess Milica came to the church before The Battle of Kosovo.

Boracki krs
Boracki krs
Boracki krs
selo Borač
Borački krš staza za hrabre
Crkva Svetog Arhanđela Gavrila, Borač
Boracki krs
Boracki krs
Crkva Svetog Arhanđela Gavrila, Borač
Crkva Svetog Arhanđela Gavrila, Borač
Crkva u selu Borač
Staro groblje selo Borač, stećak