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Bukulja is a mountain in the heart of Šumadija and is 696 m high. Its name refers to the luxuriant and old beech forests that grow on that mountain.

Bukulja belongs to the group of Šumadija mountains. It is part of the Šumadija range that starts from Mount Avale and extends all the way to the Gledić Mountains in the south. It rises above Arandjelovac and Bukovička spa. In addition to beech trees, it is overgrown with hornbeam and oak forests, which is why it represents a true oasis of greenery and clean air. The mountain is of volcanic origin, as evidenced by the granite rocks that contain a specific combination of minerals.

Hiking tour from the top of Bukulja, where there is an observation tower with a phenomenal view of Šumadija. Then we will go to Garaško and Bukulja lakes. We will also visit the park in Bukovička Banja, which is one of the most beautiful in Serbia. There is the largest collection of white marble sculptures in open space. There are numerous rows of trees, representative architectural buildings from the 19th century built in the style of Serbian romanticism, and active springs with thermal healing water.

DEPARTURE LOCATION Belgrade, the parking lot at the municipality of New Belgrade

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Additional notes:

  • Equipment for Bukulja hiking tour: standard for hiking tours, hiking shoes or sports shoes with a stronger sole, adequate layered clothing according to the weather conditions, hiking poles are recommended. Backpack, enough water and some food (fruit, snacks, sandwich)
  • Information about a hiking trail:
    • Length: 20 km
    • Total ascend/descend: about 380 m
    • Category: easy, hikers across meadows and grassy hills, forest paths
    • Duration: about 6 to 7 hours with breaks
  • For the realization of the Bukulja hiking tour, a minimum of 18 applicants is required.
  • Price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here. For those who do not have a membership card, the price is 3800 dinars.
  • Own transportation: in case you come with your own transport, the price of the Bukulja hiking tour is 1900 dinars (with Explore Serbia membership cards) or 2900 dinars (for those who do not have a membership card).
  • In case of insufficient number of registered passengers or unfavorable weather conditions, the deadline for notification of the postponement or cancellation of the tour by the organizer is 2 days before departure.
  • Trip cancellations by passengers: 

    • In case of cancellation of the trip by the passenger, 5 or more days before the tour date, the Agency retains the amount of 20% of the reservation costs.
    • In case the traveler cancels the trip less than 5 days before the trip, the agency reserves the right to the entire amount. In case of replacement by another passenger who is found either by the passenger himself or by the Agency, 90% of the paid amount is returned to the passenger.
    • In case of illness of the passenger and cancellation up to 3 days before the tour, the paid money can be returned or the amount can be transferred for another tour organized by the Agency, and the traveler is obliged to send medical documentation about the illness in writing. In case of illness of the traveler and cancellation less than 3 days before the tour, in addition to sending medical documentation about the illness, the traveler is obliged to compensate the Agency for the incurred costs (transportation and travel organization costs), and part of the money can be refunded.

Nearby attractions

Bukulja is a mountain in the heart of Šumadija and is 696 m high. It belongs to the group of Šumadija mountains and is part of the Šumadija range that starts from Mount Avala and extends all the way to Gledić mountains in the south.

The mountain together with the spa represents a true pearl of tourism, as evidenced by the large number of visitors every year, especially in spring when the spa is at its most beautiful.

At the very top of Bukulja there is an observation tower 19 m high, which offers a unique view of the whole of Šumadija. The mountain abounds with a large number of hiking trails and is a base for the preparation of various sports. The immediate vicinity of numerous historical and natural sites such as Risovača Cave, Oplenac, Marićeva Jaruga, as well as wine cellars of the highest quality wine make it particularly interesting to visit. In the past, the mountain, together with the Bukovička spa, was a resting place for the most important Serbian personalities such as Dositej Obradović, Prince Miloš and Mihajlo Obrenović, who built the Old Building in the spa, which was a summer palace and Parliament where he often stayed. It occupies the central part of the Bukovička spa park and is the oldest preserved building in the park, as well as a representative example of Serbian romanticism architecture.

The most famous mineral water "Knjaz Miloš" is bottled in the spa.

Bukovička spa park

Bukovička spa park is located in the very center of Arandjelovac. It occupies an area of 22 hectares and is one of the most beautiful parks in Serbia.

The most significant feature of this park is that it contains springs of healing mineral water that is used for healing purposes. The land for the park was purchased in 1849, and then the first paths were marked, trees were planted, a spring of mineral water and the Talpara bath were arranged. The construction of the Bukovička banja park in today's sense of the word began in 1856, when average paths, rows of trees were formed along them, and lawns, flower beds and the Đulara hot bath were arranged around the wooden apartments for visitors.

Risovača Cave is located at the entrance to Arandjelovac on the right bank of the river Kubršnica. It is one of the most beautiful and well-kept caves in Serbia, which is annually visited by a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists and nature lovers.

The cave was accidentally discovered by workers in a quarry, and geologists link its origin to the period from about 144 to 65 million years ago. It was a human habitat during the Ice Age and is one of the most important Paleolithic sites in Europe. When the first archeological excavations began in 1953, the remains of a cave mammoth, a bear, a cave lion, a bison, etc. were discovered. In 1983, the cave was declared a cultural asset of great importance, and in 1995 it was declared a category I nature monument and placed under state protection.

The organizer of the tour Bukulja hiking is the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. With this program is valid Rulebook on conducting tours by Explore Balkans doo. According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, protection is not provided for one-day tours in terms of travel guarantees.

Belgrade - Bukovička spa

  • Departure from Belgrade at 7:00 a.m. from the parking lot of the municipality of New Belgrade.
  • The trip to Arandjelovac takes about 1.15 hours.
  • Followed by a tour and a walk in the park of Bukovička spa. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Serbia with well-kept rows of trees, marble sculptures and sources of healing mineral water.

Hiking tour on Bukulja mountain

  • After visiting the park, we take the transport to the top of Bukulja and go to the mountain lodge.
  • Break at the mountain lodge for breakfast and coffee/tea. A visit to the observation tower nearby, from where you can enjoy a phenomenal view of the city and Šumadija.
  • From the top, we start on the footpath that leads to Garaško Lake. The lake is a favorite picnic spot for the citizens of Arandjelovac, with sports fields and a swimming pool nearby. It is rich in fish and is a paradise for anglers. The depth of the lake is about 22 m, and the area is about 65 ha. It is of artificial origin, it was built in 1976 by damming the Bukulja River to supply Arandjelovac and its surroundings with water.
  • Continue walking towards Bukuljsko Lake Another name for this lake is Crvena Bara (Red Swamp) and it was also created artificially for water supply needs.
  • Kružnom stazom koja ide šumskim putevima vraćamo se do vrha Bukulje na 696 m.
  • Information about a hiking trail: the path is about 20 km long, without major steep ascents and large height differences with a total ascent and descent of about 380 m, it belongs to the easy category. It takes about 6 to 7 hours of hiking. The trail leads mainly through forest roads.
  • After the hike, free time for lunch at a nearby restaurant.
  • Departure for Belgrade, where we arrive no later than 9 p.m.
Bukulja pešačenje izlet
park u Bukovičkoj banji
Bukulja pešačenje
mermerne skulpture Bukovička banja
Bukulja planinarenje
osmatračnica na Bukulji
Garaško jezero na Bukulji
Izlet na Bukulju, osmatračnica
vrh Bukulje
Bukulja pešačenje
Garaško jezero, Bukulja
Bukulja pešačenje
Bukuljsko jezero
Bukulja pešačenje
Bukulja pešačenje i planinarenje
Bukuljsko jezero
Bukuljsko jezero