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Djerdap National Park

Hiking tour in the magnificent Djerdap gorge with a beautiful view of the mighty Danube, through the nature reserve Mali and Veliki Štrbac, which represent a landscape of special natural features and with Trajan's table, is one of the most attractive areas in the National Park Djerdap. The Djerdap gorge, known as the Iron Gate, is the longest and deepest gorge in Europe. It stretches for about 100 km and boasts historical and cultural sights.

DEPARTURE LOCATION The parking lot at the municipality New Belgrade
INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation from Belgrade
Hiking tour through Djerdap National ParkEntrance ticket for the national park Djerdap
Tour coordinator

Ticker for Golubac castle (450 dinars - in case there are more than 10 interested parties or 600 dinars)
Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Equipment: hiking boots or sports shoes with a stronger solstice, taking water and some food (snacks, sandwiches, fruits)
  • Reservations: 30% of the amount is paid when the application is submitted, the rest at the latest 3 days before the tour.
  • The tour is organized for at least 17 registered people.
  • The price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here.

Information and reservations:


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Belgrade - Golubac fortress

  • Departure from Belgrade from the parking lot of Novi Beograd municipality at 7h
  • Journey to Golubac
  • Arrival to Golubac Castle. Tour and sightseeing of the fortress from the 15th century accompanied by a local guide (optional).

Djerdap National Park: hiking tour

  • Continuation of the journey to the National Park Djerdap
  • Preparing for a hiking tour.
  • Easy hiking tour, duration around 3-4 h. Hiking through nature reserve Mali and Veliki Štrbac which represent a region of special natural features and with Trajan's pillar is one of the most attractive areas in the National Park Djerdap.
  • The trail leads through the forest, and at the top of Mali Štrbac at 626 m it is rocky. The route is 7 km long with about 500 m ascent. The trail abounds in beautiful views of the Danube and the Romanian side of Djerdap, where you can see carved in the wall of the sculpture of the last king of Dacia - Decebal Rex, then the monastery of Mraconi. At the end of the track, there is the observation post of the National park Djerdap. On the panoramic view of Ploče you can enjoy the view of the gorge Kazan in the Djerdap Gorge.
  • After hiking tour, there is the possibility of organizing lunch at one of the restaurants.
  • Departure for Belgrade where we will return in the evening.


Golubac fortress: is located at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge at the site of the Roman fortress Cuppae, mentioned in the 15th century, but has an idiom that was built earlier. It was built on a steep rocky slope above the river itself and was used until the Turks withdrew. It belongs to the most picturesque and best preserved medieval buildings.

The fortress was built beautifully and consists of three parts: the front, the back and the upper city (with a citadel). It consists of a total of 10 towers and two large gates. There was a civilian settlement in front of the fortress, as only some partly explored objects testify today.

Golubac had a burning history. During the Middle Ages, many battles unfolded around him, especially between the Ottoman Empire and Hungary.

Because of its historical significance and exceptional architectural value, the Golubac fortress was proclaimed a monument of exceptional importance in 1979.

Djerdap National Park

The Danube in Celtic means river or water. It is not known when the first wave of the Pannonian sea began to deepen the massifs between the Balkans and the Carpathians, opening the Iron Gate and creating today's Djerdap. With this miracle of nature, the Persians gave the name Girdap or Vortrag, and Roman soldiers, according to the order of the traitor, Trajan crossed the path through the Djerdap walls, which for the then Roman Empire had great strategic and economic significance.

Djerdap gorge is the largest river breakwater in Europe, originated where the mighty Danube broke through the Carpathian Mountains in a length of 90 kilometers. There are four gorges: Golubacka, Lady Vir - whose tourist center Lepenski Vir, Kazan (the largest river depth is 90 m) and Sipska, and three basins: Ljupkovska, Donjomilanovacka and Orsavska. Here in Djerdap Dunav is the deepest 90 m, narrowest 140 m, but also the widest, almost 7 km near Golubac.

Djerdap National Park is the largest in Serbia. It is a true paradise for adventurers, nature lovers, fishermen and hunters. In our article on Djerdap, you can see how you can spend all your time in this national park.

This protected area includes as many as ten nature reserves, ten continents of diverse heritage of nature, history and beauty, which are carried by large rivers: Lepenski Vir, Veliki and Mali Štrbac with Trajan's plate, Golubac, Bosman-Sokolovac, Čoka Njalta with Pesač, Bojana, Tartar Vis, Šomrda, Gigantic stream and the Boljetine River Canyon - Reef.

Due to its diversity and rarity, the National Park Djerdap is a true scientific research center in the nature. Nature Reserve Veliki and Mali Štrbac is one of the most interesting and most attractive areas of the National Park, with a very diverse and very widespread relict vegetation, as well as a Roman inscription, in the science known as Tabula Traiana, located at the very exit from the Đerdap gorge. It dates from the 100th year of a new era, marking the completion of the section of the road through the Lower Gorge. Čoka Njalta Reserve, with Pesača, is a typical haven for relict and rare species of trees and their communities, while Šomrda is a habitat of herbaceous vegetation growing on the southeastern slopes of the eponymous peak at a place called Radisavlje's branch.

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