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Kopaonik is a mountain of extraordinary beauty in the central part of Serbia, the most famous ski center of the country, the highest and central part of which is a national park. It belongs to the most spacious mountains in Serbia, and the highest is Pančić Peak (2017 m). Different forms of relief condition a series of specific features of the landscape, which is variable over short distances. Incised valleys of rivers and streams alternate with narrow mountain ridges.

Kopaonik got its name because of its mineral wealth because ore has been mined in this area since ancient times. What makes Kopaonik attractive are the landscapes with dense coniferous forests (spruce and fir), mixed beech and oak forests on the higher parts, and pastures and meadows on the slopes of the mountain. From the prominent mountain peaks, there is a view of Šar mountain, Komovi, and Stara Planina.

Kopaonik is also home to some of the highest mountain peaks in Serbia, which is why it is called the "roof of Serbia". Over the peaks of Kopaonik, the sky is clear for an average of 200 days a year, which is why they call it the "Mountain of the Sun". The mountain massif alternates with sharp peaks, tame pastures, valleys, mixed and evergreen forests.

During the winter, the best way to experience the beauty of the national park is through snowshoe tours. Our routes are designed to take you from the ski center to the untouched nature of Kopaonik.

Snowshoeing tours on Kopaonik, usually last from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the chosen route and the size of the group. There is always time to play, take photos of viewpoints, and other places suitable for rest. We provide snowshoeing equipment and instructions for use.

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Snowshoeing tour lasting about 3 hours

Necessary equipment - snowshoes, poles

A licensed mountain guide

Refreshments, transfers and tour organization

NOT INCLUDED Transportation to Kopaonik

Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Equipment for the snowshoeing tour on Kopaonik: deep and warm hiking shoes and gaiters, waterproof hiking backpack, hiking poles with snow stopper or ski poles, active clothes and spare shirts, sweatshirt or sweater, winter or ski pants and leggings, waterproof winter jacket and raincoat, hat and gloves, hat, headlamp, bottle/thermos for water or tea, sun cream, and glasses, lip balm, photo camera, identity card, health card. You must bring enough water (1.5 l), one meal, energy bars, and fruit.
  • This activity requires no special skills or special physical preparation or training and is really easy to learn. You need solid physical fitness and that you are healthy.
  • This activity lasts from December to April in Serbia, when the snow cover is greater than 30 cm.
  • The snowshoeing tour on Kopaonik is organized for a minimum of 4 participants. The given price is per person. In case of a smaller number, a price correction is made.
  • Please send us your height and weight data for an adequate selection of snowshoes.
  • The snowshoeing route is adapted to the weather conditions, the height and quality of the snow cover, or the request of the group. The mountain guide, in consultation, has the right to adjust the length and location of the snowshoeing tour route per the above factors. Passenger safety and a balanced ratio of comfort and pleasure are a priority.
  • Photos used: in the gallery Mioš Krstić, Kopaonik Sunset, Photoprofi Kopaonik Serbia CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons and Pavle Pavlović.
The tour is organized by the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, one-day tours are not provided a travel guarantee.


  • Meeting with the mountain guide on Kopaonik at 10 am.
  • Distribution of equipment and familiarization with how to use it.

Snowshoeing tour on Kopaonik

  • The circular hiking tour lasting about 3 hours goes through the beautiful winter landscapes of Kopaonik. You will enjoy fairy-tale snowy landscapes and views of the surrounding mountains.
  • We take you to the heart of the Kopaonik National Park. As a combination of recreation and nature, the snowshoe tour is very attractive for those who want to escape from the crowds at the ski resorts.
Snowshoeing on Kopaonik
Kopaonik winter in Serbia
nacionalni park Kopaonik
Kopaonik zimi
Kopaonik Srbija
Hodanje na krpljama Kopaonik
Snowshoeing on Kopaonik
Snowshoeing krplje na Kopaoniku
Kopaonik ski centar
Kopaonik winter ski center in Serbia
Snowshoeing on Kopaonik