Via Dinarica

Via Dinarica is a tourist product that represents a set of hiking and hiking trails connecting natural and cultural sights in the Dinaric area.

Via Dinarica staze se protežu duž celog zapadnog Balkana u dužini više od 2000 km. Formirane su tri glavne linije duž Via Dinarice:

  1. Bela linija – spaja najviše planine i vrhove u centralnim Dinaridima
  2. Plava – spaja planine duž jadranske obale
  3. - connects mountaineering, pedestrian and biking trails in the north-western Dinarides

The green line covers the lower mountains of the Dinarides and partly passes through Serbia. Among other mountains, it includes the area of Tara, Zlatibor, Zlatar, Jadovnik, Golija, Kopaonik, Goč, Stolovi. In Kosovo: Shar, Prokletije, Mokre Gore.

Dinar mountains (Dinarides or Dinaric Alps) are a mountain chain in southern Europe, extending along the western part of the Balkan Peninsula through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. They were named after the Dinara Mountain.

Dinarides make 200 special mountains with 240 peaks over 2000 m. The area of Dinarides marks over twenty national parks and sites under the protection of UNESCO.

Trails along Via Dinarica have more than 100 stages, not all marked, but certain infrastructure already exists, especially in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, while some of the trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania are marked with the support of international development agencies.

The project is funded by USAID and UNDP, implemented through cooperation with local partners. It means improvement of tourist infrastructure and quality of service providers along the paths - marking of trails, construction and restoration of mountain lodges, private accommodation, etc.

Via Dinarica as a product is promoted and placed on the foreign tourist market through various tour operators in the Balkans.

The prestigious National Geographic magazine ranked Via Dinarica among the best destinations in the world for 2017.

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