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Sokolske planine

Sokolska planina, which is often referred to as Sokolske planine in the plural, is one of the four mountains that make up the Podrinje mountains group together with Jagodnja, Boranja and Gučevo.

Sokolska planina is the largest mountain range in the Radjevina-Jadar Podrinje area. It rises southeast of the town of Krupanj, is bordered by the Drina and Uzovnica rivers in the west, the Ljuboviđa river in the south and the Kriva river and Bogoštica in the northeast, and separates the regions of Radjevina (and Jadar) from Podrinje, that is, Azbukovica from Radjevina. The highest peak of the Sokolska mountain is Rožanj (973 m) and is located on the border of the municipalities of Osečina, Ljubovija and Krupanj.

On the slopes of the mountain, on a rock below the highest peak, there are the remains of the Soko grad fortress, and below it is the monastery of St. Nicholas - Soko.

The mountain most likely got its name from the old town of Soko, and the town from the multitude of falcons that roosted around it. By occupying the city, the Turks kept the native name Soko, which is the most important proof that the fortress existed before the arrival of the Turks. 

On this hiking tour, we will go to the highest peak of Rožanj, we will visit the city of Soko, the monastery of Soko and the ethno village of "Sokol huts".

DEPARTURE LOCATION Novi Sad, Merkator Shopping center

Belgrade, the parking lot at the municipality of New Belgrade

DEPARTURE TIME 4.30 h (Novi Sad)

6.00 h (Beograd)

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Transportation from Belgrade

Hiking tour with a guide

Tickets for the ethno village "Sokolske Kolibe"

Accident insurance

Sightseeing to the itinerary


Transportation from Novi Sad

Other individual costs

Additional notes:

  • Equipment for the Sokolske Mountains tour: standard for hiking tours, hiking shoes or sports shoes with a stronger sole, adequate clothing according to the weather conditions. Backpack, poles, enough water and some food (fruit, snacks...)
  • Information about a hiking trail:
    • Length: 15 km
    • Total ascend/descend: 380/580 m
    • Category: easy-moderate
    • Duration: about 5 to 6 hours with breaks
  • For the tour realization, it is necessary a minimum of 18 passengers
  • Price is for members of "Explore Serbia". You can find membership information here. For those who do not have a membership card, the price is 4700 dinars.
  • Transportation from Novi Sad: the surcharge is 1200 dinars.
  • Own transportation: for this tour own transport is not possible, because the starting and ending point of the hiking tour are not the same.
  • In case of insufficient number of registered passengers or unfavorable weather conditions, the deadline for notification of postponement or cancellation of the tour is 2 days before departure.
  • Trip cancellations by passengers: 

    • In case of cancellation of the trip by the passenger, 5 or more days before the tour date, the Agency retains the amount of 20% of the reservation costs.
    • In case the traveler cancels the trip less than 5 days before the trip, the agency reserves the right to the entire amount. In case of replacement by another passenger who is found either by the passenger himself or by the Agency, 90% of the paid amount is returned to the passenger.
    • In case of illness of the passenger and cancellation up to 3 days before the tour, the paid money can be returned or the amount can be transferred for another tour organized by the Agency, and the traveler is obliged to send medical documentation about the illness in writing. In case of illness of the traveler and cancellation less than 3 days before the tour, in addition to sending medical documentation about the illness, the traveler is obliged to compensate the Agency for the incurred costs (transportation and travel organization costs), and part of the money can be refunded.


On the slopes of the mountain there are the remains of the fort town of Soko, and below it is the Monastery of Saint Nicholas - Soko. Throughout the existence of the fortress, its suburbs protected by a palisade, and later by a wall, a fortification, expanded alongside this building. The monastery is the endowment of the bishop of Šabac Mr. Lavrenti. It was dedicated to St. to bishop Nikolaj Velimirović, which is celebrated on May 3. The church, in whose altar part of the relics of St. Bishop Nikolaj, was built in 1994 and belongs to the Moravian style. There is also a museum within the monastery complex.

Soko Grad has been declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Values. Soko Grad is a fortress that has never been conquered by battle but has always changed masters through peace treaties. It is one of the fortresses where the Turks stayed the longest. The town/fort rises on a rocky cliff above the monastery of St. Nicholas and the valley of the Sokolska river. This fort originated in medieval Serbia, but is best known for its role during the Ottoman occupation of Serbia, during which it became one of the most notorious torture centers for the Orthodox population. It was an impregnable fortress until 1862, when the Turks handed over the keys to this city to Prince Mihail Obrenović.

The organizer of the tour is the travel agency Explore Balkans doo. With this program is valid Rulebook on conducting tours by Explore Balkans doo. According to Article 79 of the Law on Tourism, protection is not provided for one-day tours in terms of travel guarantees.

Belgrade – Valjevo – Proslop

  • Departure from Novi Sad at 4.30 AM
  • Departure from Belgrade at 6.00 AM
  • Travel via Valjevo, Osečina and Pečka to Proslop pass. A coffee break on the way.

Hiking tour on Sokolska mountain

  • Short preparation for the hike, around 9:00 a.m. departure for the tour from Preslop, the pass between Medvednik and Sokol mountains at 650 m altitude.
  • The path leads along a 4 km long ridge road.
  • On the way to the top of Rožanj, we will visit the ethno village "Sokolske Kolibe", a property that breeds indigenous breeds of animals and is designed in the style of mountain, shepherd's huts, bachia. The goal is to preserve old, almost extinct species and breeds of domestic animals. Since 2020, the property has been open to visitors and has been offering accommodation, food and beverage services ever since.
  • Continuation of the hike to Rožanj peak at 973 m where we will take a break to rest and enjoy the beautiful views.
  • This is followed by a descent and a 2.5 km long hike to the Soko town. We will see the remains of an old fortification from the ancient era. On the remains of the keep tower, a gilded cross was erected and a viewing platform was arranged.
  • Continuation of the hiking tour in the length of 1.5 km to Soko monastery, dedicated to St. Nikolaj Velimirović. Along the way, a tour of 10 small chapels commemorating the 10 commandments of God.
  • The hiking trail ends at the Soko monastery.
  • Dužina staze je oko 15 km, sa oko 380 m uspona i 580 m spusta. Staza se prelazi za nekih 5 do 6 sati hoda sa pauzama.

Soko town – Ljubovija – Belgrade

  • After the hike, we go to the town of Ljubovija on the Drina, which represents the center of Azbukovica. Free time.
  • In Ljubovija, it is possible to organize lunch in one of the restaurants.
  • Return to Belgrade where we arrive around 10 pm.
Sokolske planine
Sokolske planine
Sokolske kolibe etno selo
Sokolske planine
Sokolske planine
Sokolske planine
Manastir Soko Sokolske planine
Sokolske planine Podrinje
Sokolske planine