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Western Serbia consists of idyllic tourist sites, mountains and rural areas where tradition and heritage are very important. The central identity of the region is: Discovering life in tradition and nature. The whole area is perfect for nature lovers where is possible to do a lot of different activities. In the region of Western Serbia

On the geographical map of the world, there are landscapes of so unreal beauty as if they had been created by artists, the landscapes ‘painted’ by a soul. Luxurious castles, mysterious gardens, old windmills in the middle of grain fields, wide rivers that flow ‘arm in arm’ through fertile Pannonia plain, a sweep squeaking in

If people already know each other, they shake hands or kiss, often three times on alternate cheeks When people are introduced, they shake hands and say their first name or first and last names, followed by Drago mi je (“I am pleased”). If people already know each other, they shake hands or kiss (often three

Serbian cuisine was influenced by Turkish, Hungarian, and Greek food The cuisine is influenced by Turkish, Hungarian, and Greek foods. The most common foods include pasulj (stew made of beans and pork ribs), sarma (cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice), roštilj (barbeque, grilled meats), cevapcici (small, elongated minced meatballs served with chopped onions),

Na visokoj litici iznad reke, koja je usekla sebi korito u ovom kršu, pojavi se mladi orao. Prvo pažljivo osmotri dubinu ispod sebe, zelene meandre reke između sivog stenja, visoke litice na suprotnoj strani, zatim nebo na kome ne beše nijednog oblačka. „Idealan dan za letenje“, pomisli orlić pa zalepeta širokim krilima. Ispod njega, na

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