City discovery games - explore Belgrade in a fun way
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Explore Belgrade through city discovery games in a fun and inspiring way.

Belgrade is one of the oldest European cities. It has always been at the crossroad of different civilisations.

Each step reveals a part of Belgrade’s rich history which used to have different names: "Hill for thinking", "Hill of battle and glory", "The house of wars", "The house of freedom”. It is the city of the atmosphere and burning history. It used to be the oriental town of traders and craftsmen, then western Christian rampart, it has been demolished and burnt, and then re-built.

We recommend you explore Belgrade in a fun and inspiring way. Play a discovery game Belgrade: a crossroads of civilisations.

On the trail, you'll discover hidden gems when playing a discovery game. This route goes from Saint Sava Temple to Knez Mihailova street. Through urban exploring and solving riddles, you'll unlock different stories and tips for food & drinks!

The game is available in Serbian and English language.

What are city discovery games?

The game consists of mysterious directions and riddles. It is played in teams of 1 to 5 people and lasts about 2-2.5 h. It's great fun for all ages as well as team-building with your colleagues.

explore Belgrade

It is easy to use. No download needed. A game opens in your phone’s browser. Using a web app means just a little data.

Throughout the game, you will explore Belgrade's downtown, learn fascinating facts and hear inspiring stories. Play, enjoy and have fun! 😊


Who are city discovery games meant for?

For all curious people, for friends, for couples, for families, for colleagues, for travelers, for your guests coming to Belgrade…

Whether you’re a traveler or a local, we want to give you the opportunity to playfully experience a city. During our self-guided city discovery games, together with your teammates you solve a trail of riddles and unlock a city’s authentic stories. You will find the best hidden and local spots – and wander off the beaten path.

How to buy Belgrade city discovery game?

By clicking on the purchase link it will open a window where you will enter your information. You can buy the game by credit card or through PayPal. You’ll receive an email with a link to your game. The link to the game is valid up to 6 months after the purchase.


Our mission is to preserve the authenticity of cities through the power of play.

The creator of Belgrade's adventure is Tatjana, founder of Explore Serbia. This route through Belgrade's downtown shows a mixture of the old and new. It'll also take you exploring places where you can feel the city's atmosphere and spirit. The game was made in collaboration with the company Secret City Trails that currently offer 112 discovery games in 48 cities worldwide. More than 6000 people have played games and they’ve loved it, rating their experience 4,52/5 stars.

We take both travelers and locals on urban adventures – or, city discovery games. During the games, you solve a trail of riddles via our web app. As you solve the riddles you explore a city’s hidden gems and unlock stories about the sights and area you are in, as well as (secret) recommendations to wonderful cafes and bars.

Through our games, people connect with cities on a deeper level. They play with the city. The experiences are a playful, off-the-beaten-track and self-guided way of discovering a city.

We believe every city is filled with secrets and incredible stories waiting to be unlocked. We’re also of the opinion that cities are gorgeous as they are – we don’t VR or other crazy tech to enjoy discovering them.

Belgrade – a crossroads of civilisations

Explore Belgrade while solving a trail of 13 mysterious riddles. Did you know Belgrade survived 115 wars? The city changed names more than once, and its present day name means White City. As you solve our riddles, you'll see sights such as the spectacular Saint Sava Temple and the famous Knez Mihailova Street. We'll also take you off the beaten path and show you some city secrets! Along the way, you unlock stories about the city at a crossroads of civilisations, traders and craftsmen, religion, architecture and more!

explore belgrade


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