The best destinations for an active holiday in Serbia
aktivan odmor u Srbiji

When we say vacation, we first think of a vacation without activities, with a lot of lying down and resting. If it's summer - we go to the sea, if it's winter - we go to the mountain to the hotel, to swim in the pool, eventually to ski.

That is a classic thinking, but Serbia offers us far more than that. Our country is so rich in destinations for active holiday and to discover the natural beauties so that 10 years would not be enough for us to visit everything.

Of course, for an active vacation, it is necessary to be in good shape, but even those who have not will improve their form if they opt for this form of vacation.

On an active vacation, we usually pay attention to our diet, so we really come back from vacation fresher and more rested. If alcohol consumption decreases, we eat protein-rich foods and we increase the intake of vitamins, ie fresh fruits, and vegetables, we renew the energy in our body for the whole year.

Find out below which are the best destinations for an active holiday in Serbia.

1) Tara National Park - the greatest diversity of disciplines and nature in one place

The untouched nature on Tara is something that attracts more and more tourists from all over the world - and even bears. Lush forests, lakes, lookouts and canyons provide a multitude of opportunities for a variety of disciplines.

From hiking and riding quads to horseback riding, cycling, there is a lot of activities which you can enjoy and use to spend your active holiday in the best possible way.

aktivan odmor u SrbijiCertain activities are more interesting in winter, such as horseback riding and hiking, while in summer there are far more visited lakes on Tara where you can swim. The water on the lakes Zaovine and Perućac is known for its clarity, purity and beautiful nature that surrounds them.

2) Stara Planina - by far the best place for hiking

Stara Planina is located mostly in Bulgaria, and to a lesser extent in Eastern Serbia. It is rich in hiking trails, where they are organized ascend tours to the peaks Midžor (2169 m), Babin zub (1758 m), Tri čuke (1937 m) and many others. 

What is characteristic of Stara Planina are also herds of cows, our indigenous breeds Bush, donkey farm, but also a herd of wild horses which you can meet on the mountain with a little luck. So wild and untouched, and at the same time very tame, this is a mountain where you will hardly meet people who are not tourists.

In addition to fantastic hiking trails and breathtaking peaks, Stara Planina has numerous gorges. For example, some of the most famous and most attractive are the Rosomačka gorge, the Korenatac gorge, and the gorge of Vladika's plate, to which there are also hiking tours.

3) The largest ski center in Serbia - Kopaonik

If you are a ski fan or want to learn to ski, no matter how old you are, Kopaonik has something for you. The largest ski center in Serbia has over 60 km of groomed ski trails and allows all kinds of this discipline. 

it is arranged at the level of world ski resorts, so there is night skiing, Nordic and alpine skiing, and many other activities. In addition to skiing and snowboarding in winter, you can relax in hotel centers, which in the summer months provide the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports on their sports fields.

4) Divcibare is the most popular destination for professional athletes

Divcibare is one of the largest sports centers in Serbia for a reason. Due to the sports fields that are built according to FIBA standards and the air suitable for training, Divčibare is a favorite place for the preparation of professional athletes. 

However, Adventure Park, zipline and a huge number of other disciplines that you can practice on your active vacation are also in Divčibare and as visited. Archery is the most interesting for tourists in which everyone likes to try themselves, and even compete with each other.

For solo active holiday or holiday with family and friends, Divcibare really offers a wide range of disciplines and sports program for all ages.

These are just some of the best destinations for active holidays in Serbia, there are many more. Many more activities we may not have even heard of, somewhere a few hours drive from our house or a few clicks on the computer, waiting to be discovered and to provoke in us something we have never felt before.

Explore, try new things, an active vacation can revive you and infuse some new energy into your everyday life.

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