Kamena Gora and Sopotnica - two mountain villages of southwestern Serbia you should visit
Kamena Gora, the Old pine

If you are a fan of the nature of mountain villages, delicious traditional food and adventurers, these two villages in the vicinity of Prijepolje that have been declared as natural assets of exceptional importance should be on your list of sightseeing tours.

What is unique about these two villages?

Mountain villages of a broken type with few inhabitants. They are located at 1000 m - 1500 m of altitude and represent a true aerial spa. Around rural houses grow 100-year-old forests of spruce, fir, pine, and beech, sprinkled with vast meadows through which streams flow.

People are cordial and hospitable, and some households have their own guide for grinding grain.

Kamena Gora

Main points of interest: hiking trails, Saint Pine

This beautiful village in South-West part of Serbia has wonderful sceneries for hiking, biking; there is a natural rock for climbing as well a place for paragliding.

Kamena Gora has a wealth of plant and animal life, forests and clear forest sources that have at every step, over a hundred registered, strong and rich water resources that never dry up. Part of the village of Kamena Gora is covered with dense coniferous forests and covered with plains, meadows, hills, valleys, which all make the right charm to stay.


Kamena Gora, camp

The oldest inhabitant of Kamena Gora, Stari Bor, is 13 m high, the crown diameter is 18 m, and the volume of the tree is almost 5 m. It's about 500 years old. The Black Pine is a symbol and a holy place "on the rock" and the testimony of the longevity of the "village of the centenary". The ancient worm people call the Holy Pine.

Sveti bor, Kamena Gora
Holy Pine


Main points of interest: waterfalls, old watermills, hiking trails, delicious traditional food

Sopotnica - a village of bubbling springs and waterfalls, which, by their climbing down the cliff to the mouth of Lim, gave the name to the village.

Attractive waterfalls and cascades give unparalleled ornaments embedded in the ambiance of ancient rural architecture made up of numerous watermills and rollers.

The village of Sopotnica is best known for its Sopotnica river, its waterfalls, and cascades. Around the Sopotnica sources, where the water was thrown, several different levels of deposits formed a sizzling stone of yellowish color in the walls of the Mileševa Monastery and in the school building of the village, as well as in many houses. Through the accumulated deposits of siges, waterfalls are scratched. Some have a drop of up to 20 m, and the Great Waterfall is the most attractive one.

Beside the river and its waterfalls interesting architectural and tourist attraction are also reconstructed old watermills and rollers. Today several preserved watercourses have been preserved and converted into a kind of ethnographic museum.

The village of Sopotnica, the river and its waterfalls were proclaimed a protected natural asset of exceptional importance by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in December 2005. It was proclaimed a Nature Monument "Sopotnica waterfalls" - the second degree of protection.

vodopadi Sopotnice

In addition to the waterfall, the village offers an exceptionally preserved nature with beautiful pastures and meadows, fresh and clean air and healthy and authentic rural food, where it is especially distinguished:

  • mountain lamb, yolk, buckwheat pie, cabbage, cheese, kajmak, prosciutto, homemade mushrooms
  • special specialties are brandy of sweet apples, wild pears and raspberry pickles; teas and other medicinal herbs
  • the distinctive specialty of Muslim households is "sieves" - fruit syrup from the finest sweet pears, apples and other fruits

What else you can to work in the environment?

If you like activities with more adrenaline, you can go to rafting on the Lim River from Kumanica to Brodarevo. If you want a more demanding hiking tour, you can go through the Mileševka canyon, which separates the Zlatar and Jadovnik mountains. We recommend that you do not go alone, but to hire a hiking guide.

The area of the Jadovnik Mountain where these two villages lie is also suitable for off-road adventures. From the Uvac canyon, rides are driven by terrain vehicles to Sopotnica. If you want to visit the Uvac canyon, which provides many different ways for its exploring, is about an hour and a half away from Kamena Gora and about an hour's drive from Sopotnica.

Previously you can visit the monastery Mileševa from the 18th century and visit town Sjenica.

Where to sleep in Kamena Gora and Sopotnica?

Both villages provide satisfactory accommodation conditions. Hosts can prepare you very tasty home-made food. There are thirty registered rural households in both villages. In Sopotnica there is a mountain lodge, which can also be used for accommodation, with a mandatory check and announcement to the mountaineering club "Kamena Gora" from Prijepolje.

If you decide to visit both villages, they are approximately 30 km away, or 1 hour by car.

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