What is canyoning? Challenge for the brave or fun adventure?

Canyoning means passing and descending through a riverbed with or without equipment. Lowering waterfalls and walls with or without ropes, crawling through cracks, jumping into pools filled with water and diving, are the main activities on canyoning.

The emergence of the canyoning reaches into the distant past, when it was to enter and draw to every place in the area in search of food. People in the prehistory could not even dream that their daily cruel struggle for survival will be some kind of fun in some future generations.
A newer canyoning history is related to the event from the end of the 19th century, when an alpine climbed into a narrow canyon filled with water and left alive and healthy.

What equipment is used for canyoning?

Depending on the weight of the canyon, various equipment is also used. For canyoning, parts of the equipment of other activities are used, mostly alpine.
The most basic part of the equipment is a helmet, an earmuff and a static rope, and if the water is cold and neoprene (diving suit). Depending on the weight and the exposure, the lowering safety wedges are also used.

Where to go to the canyoning in Serbia, and where in the surrounding countries?

In Serbia you can go to canyoning tours in several locations, such as:

  • Relatively light: Canyon of White Rzav, Brnjički Potok, Zlotski canyon, Crna Rijeka canyon
  • Medium weight: Lazarev canyon, Dubrasnica, Mileševka canyon
  • Tends to: Tribunj Canyon, Brusnica canyon, Raca canyon

Going through some of these canyons, where the dry trough is, involves only the footpaths passing by skipping and crossing obstacles. The equipment you use in this case is similar to the hiking.

From the surrounding countries, you can go to the canyoning in the following locations:

  • Canyons in Montenegro: Nevidio, Međurečki potok, Škurda, Bogutovski potok, Rikavac, Cijevna, Mrtvica
  • Canyons in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the canyon of the Hrčavka

Kanjoning Tribuće

In what period of year are you going to canyoning tours?

The period when you go on canyoning tours also depends on the type of canyon, whether it is dry or you pass through a watercourse. In most canyons, traversing is possible in late spring and during the summer months.

Is it dangerous to go for canyoning?

Canyoning can be a dangerous activity, especially if it's extreme canyons, such as Tribuća near Valjevo, Brusnica and Raca in the National Park Tara, Nevidio in Montenegro, Croatia in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The weight of the passage through the canyon determines the passage time, as well as the technical difficulty of the canyon itself, that is, how much is used climbing equipment, how many it has vertical rocks, lowering rope, swimming through pools, slides and jumping from the wall.

Canyoning can be done by everyone, and with good guides and instructions no pre-knowledge is needed. For extreme canyoning, proper physical readiness is required and not recommended for people who are afraid of heights (acrofobia).

Canyon Tribuca

How to dress for canyoning?

It is best to wear just a swimming suit under neoprene clothes you will get from us. Neoprene clothes protect against the cold by keeping a body temperature. Be sure to wear comfortable sports or hiking shoes. It is best that your joints are protected and the shoes do not slip. It is mandatory to wear a helmet you will get from us.

How will you feel for the first time at the canyoning?

If for the first time you choose to go through the Tribune River Canyon or Nevidio Canyon, it will be a real challenge and adventure with a high dose of adrenaline. You will examine the limits of your possibilities. Someone will be terrible to jump from the wall into the water. Someone will go down the wall with a rope to test personal determination. You'll be doubling, you'll repent more than once. You will ask yourself, "Where did I go?"

Sometimes you will be cold, but also hot with excitement. Adrenaline will hit you in the head. You will be macrosally concentrated and careful, you will be careful not to slip. You will look at the instructor view and your companions. You will wonder how they feel. You will brave them and they will set you up when you jump and drop down.

Nevidio canyoning
Nevidio canyoning

You wonder what's good about canyoning? And where is the party?

After overcoming the first major obstacle, you will feel a slight relief. You will proceed cautiously. When you are halfway there, then you will start to enjoy it. Now you almost know everything. And how you should jump and how to abseil and how not to get scared when you dive and swim through cold water.

As for fun, it's all fun in the canyon! The sound of water, a world you have never experienced before, waterfalls, cracks, pools, rocks, refraction of light, and unreal colors. Going down like a slide with friends and other companions, you will laugh like crazy.

And when you reach the end, you will be proud of yourself.

In the evening you will sleep like a rock. You will have phenomenal photos and videos, which you will look at day after day after. And you will want to go to that same or some new canyon again.

If we have convinced you to go canyoning, choose the appropriate one a canyoning adventure for the coming summer.

Nevidio Canyon
Nevidio Canyon

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