Suggestions for an active holiday on Fruska Gora

Suggestions for an active holiday on Fruska Gora
Fruška Gora hiking

Fruska Gora was an island in the former Pannonian Sea. Today, this 539 meters high mountain, the dominant land mass of the entire Pannonian Plain. Fruška gora thanks to its natural potential, geographical location and rich history offers A lot of content for different types of tourism.

For those who want to spend a pleasant holiday in Serbia, in a beautiful natural environment, there are numerous excursions on Fruska Gora.

Untouched Nature of the National Park has a wide range of interesting destinations ideal for all eco-tourism enthusiasts, while the clean air and healthy natural surroundings of Fruska Gora are a great precondition for a pleasant holiday. The Wine Route of Fruška Gora is an indispensable route for all those people who want to enjoy quality wines made according to the traditional family recipes of the old winemakers of this area, while the beautiful Danube meets all the appetites of river tourism lovers.

Fruška gora is an ideal destination for everyone, whether you want an active holiday or maximum relaxation and enjoyment for all senses. Wherever you are on a trip to Fruška Gora is something that should not be missed, kilometers of your car it will pay off multiple times as soon as you breathe fruška gora air, try local food and wait for the morning on the slopes of this mountain.

On Fruška Gora there are a large number of picnics, which with their content offer many opportunities for active holidays, and it is up to you to decide what is most suitable to you. These are just some of them:

Popovica Fruska Gora - Eagle's Nest

Popovica is a mountain peak on Fruška Gora, and the city is extremely suitable for camping and enjoying the nature surrounding this place. Within the excursion site Popovica is located Popovica lake, a source, but also a viewpoint with a beautiful view of Novi Sad and the Danube.

Popovica Lake Fruska Gora
Popovic Lake, author of photography Biljana Novakovic

Thanks to the vast expanses of this resort, Popovica is the place where every spring organizes the Fruska Gora Marathon. In addition, the large area of Popovica provides all visitors with the opportunity to enjoy hiking, running and other activities. In the immediate vicinity of Popovica there is also the popular hut Orlovo Nest.

Bukovac - the largest dirt bike park in Serbia

BMX Park
Bike park

The village of Bukovac is located on the northern slopes of Fruška Gora and Bukovački potok passes through the city, it belongs administratively to the municipalities of Petrovaradin and South Bačka District.

Bike Park Bukovac is a terrain for mountain and extreme cycling, located on a beautiful viewpoint near the village of Bukovac. It is the only specialized field for this type of cycling on Fruska Gora.

The bicycle park, which is about 5,000 m², is adapted to everyone and beginners and those who are more experienced MTB (mountain bikes) and BMX (bicycle motocross).

Stražilovo Fruska Gora - a treat for all adventurers

Stražilovo is a popular fruška gora resort, which offers all its visitors plenty of opportunities to perfectly fill the day. When it comes to Stražilovo, a mountain hut is a place that, besides the beautiful nature, attracts the most attention to the visitors. It is located in the guard forest, and within its offer it has educational, sports-recreational and tourist segment.

Fruska gora Bukovac hiking
Hiking trail: "Stražilovo" mountain hut - Bukovac, photo author Biljana Novaković

Thanks to the beautiful landscapes that surround this resort, Stražilovo has been back for years hosts numerous national and regional competitions in orienteering, cycling, hiking. This place offers many opportunities for active holidays and real exciting adventures. In addition, there are numerous terrains for small football, volleyball, badminton, paintball, and there is also an artificial wall for interested climbers.

From Stražilov to Bukovac, the author of photography Biljana Novaković

Hotel Norcev Fruska Gora

Hotel Norcev is a place with its quality and content offering all its visitors the opportunity to experience maximum ambience and pleasure of staying on Fruska Gora. Whether it's a private or family holiday Norcev hotel is convenient for everyone, as well as for organizing business meetings, seminars, congresses ...

In this hotel all visitors have the opportunity to Involved in numerous sports activities. Table tennis, billiards, table football are available for guests. There is a large playground for children, and a special advantage is enjoyment of clean, mountain air.

Irique wreath - intersection of the Fruška Gora mountains

The Irique Wreath is a place where almost all the routes to the most popular excursions in Fruska Gora are crossed. It's here a lot of hiking and hiking trails that all the people who visit this place offer a lot of opportunities for physical activities and quality active holidays, in which I can enjoy both individuals and families.

Fruška Gora hiking
Fruska Gora hiking, author of photography Tatjana Anić

Walking, jogging, climbing or cycling along these parts of untouched nature, with lush vegetation represents a fantastic way to perfectly fill your day, fill up with positive energy and leave all the bad thoughts behind you. There is also plenty of space for camping, so the atmosphere in nature can be at the highest level.

On the ridge route from the Irish crown to Zmajevac, if the marathon path goes, there is King's chair and meteo station. It leads from the station station path to the sightseeing on Ice Lake.

Lake Fruška gora Lake
Lake Ledina, author of photography Biljana Novaković

Lake Ledina is located on the northern slope of Fruška gora, not far from the town of Stari Ledinci. The lake was formed during the NATO bombing in 1999, when damaged pumps of abandoned quarry "Silver" stopped pumping water from quarries. Groundwater, as well as water from two rivers, the Lucky Saints and the Silver Stream, began to fill the quarry, creating a lake. The lake is in the shape of a bean grain and almost from all sides is surrounded by steep cliffs. The water on the surface is green and clean, due to constant inflow from the tributary, and cold during the summer months. Access to the lake is not allowed, as it is owned by a quarry, but you can reach the viewpoint where a beautiful view is provided.

Zmajevac picnic area on Fruska Gora mountain

Zmajevac is located on the highest parts of Fruška Gora, and from this magnificent place there is an unusual view of the entire Srem. This is one of the favorite destinations for all nature lovers and those who want to perfectly spend their day in such an environment.

There is a large number in the excursion wooden benches, tables, and summerhouses, so after running, walking or cycling, this is an ideal place to break and take a break.

Reef way to Bešenovac Lake and Letenka

Between Zmajevac and Letenka, Partizan (ridge) through the road goes to Brankovac and comes to the Red Čot, the highest peak of Fruška Gora at 539 m above sea level. From Brankovac there is a wonderful view of Srem and Backa, as well as Novi Sad.

From the Red Čot, through the left you reach the lake of Bešenovac.

Besenovo lake Fruska Gora
Besenovac lake, photo author Biljana Novakovic

Besenovac lake, also known as Beli kamen, is located southeast of Bešenovački Prnjavor in the municipality of Sremska Mitrovica. The lake was created in 2004 on a surface mine, where limestone was exploited for the needs of the cement factory in Beocin. Over time, a lake of 200 m was formed, and after a few years it reached a depth of about 50 m. The Besenovac lake is sprinkled, and it is also used as a picnic area. Near the lake there is a wooden chapel that resembles the Bešenovo Monastery with its appearance.

The lake of Bešenovac Lake is extremely clean, transparent turquoise.

If it continues along the ridge from the Red Chot, it arrives to Letenka. Letenka is one of the most famous fruška gora excursions. It is located at 456 m above sea level and is surrounded by unspoilt nature, woods and meadows.

The facilities located in the Youth Settlement "Letenka" were built in 1975. At the beginning of the eighties, the complex began to function as a school in nature for the accommodation of children preschool and school age.

This is an ideal place to stay in nature, because at the same time it provides education and relaxation as well as the possibility of enjoying the natural beauty of the National Park "Fruška Gora".

Fruska Gora Andrevlje - active rest and detox breathing

Andrevlje is a tourist destination on Fruska Gora, and this area is characterized by a very large meadow, or a clearing within a large dense forest, which is one of the favorite destinations for numerous hikers and campers. There is also a running track, as well as football, volleyball courts, as well as an improvised park for children with swings and clubs. This is an ideal place for a perfect holiday, but also for recreation and staying in nature. Here is a modern congress center, which is also a tourist and catering facility.

Andrevlje Fruska Gora

Andrevlje is also known as a place where human health is especially taken care of, and all those who come to this resort are at the disposal of the spa, breathing, hiking and trekking, field trips… Breathing exercises are ideal for anyone who wants to free accumulated stress and refresh and purify their body and spirit. In addition to proper breathing, clean air is important for good health, and the beautiful setting of the Fruška Gora National Park provides the best opportunities for purging the lungs. The atmosphere is completed by staying alone in the Andrevlje excursion, which represents a true oasis of peace and tranquility.

Banja Vrdnik - a place ideal for rehabilitation

Due to the ideal geographical position (between Belgrade and Novi Sad, on the southern slopes of Fruška gora) Banja Vrdnik has developed in the most popular tourist destination in Vojvodina. What is especially interesting when Vrdnik Spa is the pools, both indoor and outdoor. All these pools are filled with thermo-mineral water, whose temperature is about 30 degrees. For this reason, this spa is also a popular health resort, but also a kind of attraction for all those who want to swim in warm water.

The location of this spa and the nature surrounding it offer a possibility for both one of the most common types of active tourism on Fruska Gora, which is walking. Walking paths surrounded by untouched nature, provide a sense of peace, tranquility and maximum relaxation, which relaxes both the body and the spirit.

Fruska gora Borkovac - a resort in the vicinity of this mountain

Thanks to the exceptionally large surface on which it extends, as well as the lush vegetation, the picnic area Borkovac can freely be called the lungs of its region. It is located just a few kilometers from Ruma, just next to Borkovac Lake. There are several restaurants, cafes, and a hotel surrounded by pine trees in this excursion. What is especially tempting for those who are aiming for an active holiday is to enjoy in this park walking along the stream or running on a trim-track along with a wooden exercise device, a striking merry color.

The excursion is also located Olympic Pool, so this place is inviting to water sports enthusiasts. The excursion is especially visited during events such as dog shows, painters' colonies, and most of them for the first-person Uranak. There is also the possibility of cycling along these terrains, which Borkovac is among the destinations with a very wide range of opportunities to fill the day.

Fruška gora is a true natural oasis and a place where every moment spent is additionally appreciated. Large spaces, unpretentious nature and fresh air are the perfect combination for all those who want to walk, run, ride a bike, exercise or just relax and enjoy the charms of nature.

Fruška gora hiking
Fruska Gora winter hiking, photo author Biljana Novaković

Fruška gora is a very important site, primarily because of its turbulent geological past and the true treasury of flora and fauna in this area, but also in priceless cultural and historical heritage, and it is not surprising that for decades this landscape National park. The tourist potential of this mountain and the surrounding towns has long been recognized, so now this area is the site of a large number of people who want to enjoy the beautiful nature, but also to pursue numerous physical activities in clean air.

You can find these excursions on the map below:


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