10 fun ideas for corporate team building in Serbia

10 fun ideas for corporate team building in Serbia
team building Serbia

Team building activities for employees improve the atmosphere among colleagues and strengthen the team spirit. The fun activities you participate in allow you to see your peers in another light.

Through a series of planned team events that are fun and motivational, teams build communication skills, planning, troubleshooting, and conflict.

What kind of team bindings are best for employees?

The most successful, unforgettable, team-building events are those where employees do not feel like a day in the office.

Conducting a shared time, sharing experiences or working toward a common goal allows for connectivity to happen more efficiently.

Research shows that happiness and learning are closely linked. Trying out new things with colleagues can create good vibrations among employees, which in turn benefits the business itself. Choosing something unique and out of the comfort zone can encourage colleagues to join in new ways.

When you decide to organize team building for colleagues, questions are asked: where are we going? what are we going to do?

Whether it's a classic tourist trip, outdoor or indoor activities, we will organize team building according to your requirements.

Here are 10 ideas for those bilding in Serbia that are fun

1) Zaveslajte kajake sa kolegama na Drini, Uvcu, Zapadnoj Moravi, Dunavu, Djerdapu

kayak tour on Uvac
Kayaking on Uvac Lake

Kayak tours are one of the funniest where you are at the same time relaxed on the water, having fun with colleagues and going through the most beautiful parts of river flows or lakes.

They are performed in stable recreational kayaks and no previous rowing experience is required. There are two persons sitting in kayaks, and the groups are accompanied by professional instructors. If you choose kayaking on Uvac, the excursion can be completed with hiking to the attractive gazebo with a view of meandre Uvca. If your choice is kayaking on the Drina, we recommend that you visit the national park Tara or Drvengrad.

2) Provozajte bicikl kroz šumske predele Fruške gore, Tare, Zlatibora, Zlatara

team building Serbia riding a bicycle
Bike ride - team building Serbia

When was the last time you were riding a bike? If your answer: "Already in elementary school," it's an ideal opportunity to remind yourself of driving with colleagues. The mentioned mountains are just some of the destinations where you can ride a bicycle with colleagues. If you choose Fruška Gora, the team building can be completed by visiting one of the wineries, lunch in one of the ethnic restaurants and the countryside. If you decide to riding a bicycle on Tara, we will leave time for pleasure in nature and visit one of the most attractive gazebos in Serbia, such as the Banjska stena.

3) Walk through attractive natural areas that provide unforgettable views

Serbia is ideal for walking tours. Walking is one of the oldest forms of exercise and still the best modern exercise.

Destinacije koje preporučujemo su Kablar, Tara, Đerdap, Divčibare, Homolje, Fruška gora.

team building Serbia hiking
Hiking (hiking) as a team building in Serbia

Depending on your requirements and the physical fitness of the group, walking tours can be a light walk or may be more demanding and take a couple of hours.

4) Conquer different obstacles through the orientation and different logical tasks

We recommend different team games where from the start, through the given checkpoints, the goal is reached.

At all times, competitors must know where they are located and on the basis of introductory lectures and experience in reading the map, they should make decisions on which direction they will move in order to quickly go through the whole track and find all checkpoints.

Tasks require logical thinking and engagement of the entire team.

Ukoliko se vaš tim nalazi u Beogradu i želite urbanu avanturu, kao sjajan tim bilding jeste istraživačka igrica Belgrade – a crossroads of civilisations.

Igrica se sastoji od misterioznih pravaca i zagonetki. Igra se u timovima od 1 do 5 ljudi i traje oko 2h. Igricu u isto vreme može igrati do 10 različitih timova i u zavisnosti od brzine kojom se pređe cela ruta, zavisi i pobednik. Ruta ide od Hrama Svetog Save do Knez Mihailove ulice i pokazuje spoj starog i novog.

O samoj igrici, koja je nešto slično kao outdoor escape roommožete saznati u članku Urbane istraživačke igrice – istražite Beograd na zabavan način.

5) Have fun on rafting through the beaches and river rapids of Ibra or Lima

Rafting is one of the leading fun recreational activities on the water. It takes place in stable boats with a capacity of 6 to 12 people. You will be rowing along with your colleagues, while control of the boat will have a professional skipper.

Team building Serbia, rafting Lim
Rafting on Lim

6) Try climbing and learn the vertical descent technique down the wall

Climbing on the rocks is a challenge and provokes excitement and joy among the participants. It can be performed on the walls of the gorge, where, accompanied by professional instructors, a rope-lowering technique is being tried down the wall. This technique is known in the world of alpinism as an abysmal technique.

The ideal climbing destinations are Ovcar-Kablar Gorge, Gornjak, Jelašnička gorge.

7) Check your shooting skills with the bow and arrow

Archery is one of the most popular team bilding activities. This ancient skill is performed outdoors, under the watchful eye of our professional instructors. The most modern equipment is used. With a little exercise, your team will hit right in the target! 🙂

Tim building Serbia - golf and archery
Golf i streličarstvo –  tim bilding Srbija

8) Play golf

Golfing is one of the modern activities for the performance of the team building in Serbia. Through the introductory part of the training, held by professional trainers, a mini tournament is held with the conquest of the winner.

Golfing is completed with a cocktail after the tournament.

9) Experience excitement by driving quadrants to mountain areas or on the slopes of special nature reserves

Team building Serbia, riding squares
Vožnja kvadova – tim bilding Srbija

If you want an exciting adventure in this bilding, squad driving is a real activity for your colleagues. Fleet driving quickly learns and is easy to drive. The landscape where you are driving is constantly changing. It is possible to drive around the mountainous areas or the surrounding nature reserves.

10) Develop the strategy within the team through a paintball game

Paintball is a game in which players compete to eliminate opponents by striking them with capsules that contain color from a gas-powered device and are called a paintball marker. The paintball space can be open or indoor. The rules for playing paintball are different, but they can include elimination, defense or attack at a specific point or area, or searching for hidden objects in the playing area.

Paintball - team building Serbia
Paintball igra – tim bilding Srbija

Paintball can be of low impact, where light markers and smaller paintballs are moving at a lower speed, allowing the player to feel less impact.

Paintball is a fun game for everyone. And the game, in which power and speed are not nearly as important as strategy and communication.

Location? Accommodation? Restaurants? Wineries?

Do you need a hotel that offers the possibility of organizing presentations for your internal meetings?

If you go to a multi-day team building, in addition to additional facilities, such as welness and spa, there are restaurants that have international and traditional cuisine.

In addition to the activities, the content of your team building can be completed with:

  • visits to cultural and historical monuments accompanied by a tourist guide
  • visiting wineries with wine tasting

Team building is extremely important for employees. Here are the list of the top 5 reasons that employees receive through our team building programs:

1) Networking, socializing and better acquaintance

Socializing and making friends at the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office. Not only improves morale in the office, it also allows solving everyday problems at the workplace.

2) team work and team performance enhancement

Team building activities also improve work on projects that require teamwork. After joint activities outside the work environment, employees better notice the strengths, weaknesses and interests of their colleagues. This understanding helps them in the future to work together better on the progress that is vital to the company.

3) Celebration, team spirit, fun and motivation

After some sports team wins a great championship, team members celebrate and have fun. This motivates them for new victories. This example shows that the celebration, cheering and entertainment that comes with each of these team building events can motivate employees to be more productive at work.

 4) Cooperation, fostering innovation and creativity

People tend to be more imaginative when they are close to people they are comfortable with. So, entertainment events in team building not only bring people closer, but also lead to more successful and creative ideas at the workplace. Also, everyday workplace cooperation is the key to successful business.

5) Communication and working together

Communication and better collaborative work is the main reason why managers choose team building for their employees. Everyone wants a friendly working environment, where it is nice for colleagues to talk to each other. One of the main reasons for this building is actually getting better communication in the team. A satisfactory team building will surely mean a more comfortable, more successful work environment for every company, big or small.

Team building is not a boom - it's an investment

Team building is always a good investment. You do not have to go to a great place, a set of trips and experiences, but do not even save.

Be ready to make a real investment.

Keep the positive energy from the building and take it to the office

Organizing team building for employees should not be a one-time activity - done and forgotten. The key is to find ways to keep employee engagement. Creating opportunities for colleagues to connect and communicate in meaningful ways, beyond regular meetings or presentations, is a challenge.

Imperial Bar
Carska bara – tim bilding Srbija

How do you know that you had a real team building?

If there was laughter, feeling of excitement and achievement, and perhaps a few Facebook and Instagram moments, you are definitely on the right path!

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