Fruska Gora

Fruska Gora was an island in the former Pannonian Sea. Today, this 539 meters high mountain, the dominant land mass of the entire Pannonian Plain. Fruška gora thanks to its natural potential, geographical location and rich history offers a lot possibilities for different types of tourism.

Fruška Gora is an ideal destination for everyone, whether you want an active holiday or maximum relaxation and enjoyment for all senses

On Fruška Gora there are a large number of picnics, which with their content offer many opportunities for active holidays.

The mountain is stretched by a ridge of length 75 kilometers, and its entire surface is covered with oak, grab, linden and buccal trees. Lush forests are being monitored numerous monasteries dating from the period between the 16th and 18th centuries. Thanks to numerous religious symbols, Fruska Gora is often called Serbian Atos.

Fruška gora Andrevlje Letenka zimski hiking

Fruška Gora winter hiking from Letenka to Andrevlje

Zimska hiking tura u Nacionalnom parku Fruška gora. Fruška gora nekada davno je
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16.januar 2022.
1 day
pećina Beli Majdan Fruška gora

Fruška Gora in spring-Dumbovacki waterfall, Beli majdan

Fruška gora was an island in the former Pannonian Sea. Today, this is 539
Price of the tour
04.april 2021.
1 day
Fruska gora MTB

Fruska gora MTB

Fruska gora MTB tour - a full day tour in a national park that is perfect
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all year
1 day
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